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We were associated with Late Mr, B.A Najmee, the late No 1 Cartoonist of Pakistan, a Political & Social Writer, a distinguished pioneer in Cartoon & Cartoon animations advertising films for all media, he initially contributed his Cartoons to various News Papers of Pakistan and London, U.K., during his life time, his Cartoons were published daily say from 1950 to 2001 (till he passed away) in Jang group of newspapers / Pakistan, now the biggest newspapers group of Pakistan.

My self while I was a child (1952 on ward), with other childhood friends used to read & enjoy his cartoons with fairy stories on a daily basis, we used to wait daily for Mr, Najmee's Cartoons in "Daily Jang" newspaper, and thereafter when Mr, Najmee pioneered (1st time in Pakistan), a Cartoon Animation Commercials Company called NAJMEE PRODUCTIONS, luckily I joined his Company in 1967 as Director Sales & Productions.

In association with Mr, B. A. Najmee we produced several T.V and Cinema Commercials along-with  Government documentaries, some of them got National & International Awards. One 7 seconds T.V spot ran for more than 32 years. At present we are looking for a group who wish to take advantage of our past experience & contacts.

Now one of Mr, Najmee's one son, Mr, Hamid Najmee, a master in FINE & CALLIGRAPHY ARTS WORKS is associated with us in LA, USA , public are very cordially invited to go through FEW OF HIS PAINTINGS and order to make unique Painting or Calligraphy Works under "1&Only" THEME, means one should mail a picture etc of his work and the Junior Mr, Najmee, shall Paint "Only 1" copy of that order, that shall be "1&Only painting or calligraphy", no other copy shall be made without permission of the owner, hope the general public shall appreciate this idea.

Kindly direct your orders to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We shall quote for that order, it could be of any IMAGE, like your personal, Office, Factories, Boat or Cargo Vessels Photos etc, we shall make a PAINTING as per your order & imagination, hope you will enjoy your painting/s for ever as a piece of arts.

      image    Small Painting  image

     Calligraphy16x20 inch-3

International Trade and Professional Services.

Buy (Finance Available) Sell Stores / Gas Stations Plus.
Import any item from China, Credit line $25K & up.
Buy & Sell Jade Stones, Indian Boutiques, custom made.
Set up Company: Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada,
Or Choose your country. All Permits be obtain.
BUY CANADIAN LANDS in Installments.
Interest Free, No Credit Check, All Permits
For NEW FARMERS be obtain!!
Fine Arts, Graphic Designs, Printing,
Marketing, Islamic Calligraphy.
Professional Personal Consultancy on Fitness
UNDOCUMENTED: Adjust in New York City.
Job & Business opportunities (with finance).


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