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US$25,000 Shipment Credit Line

US$25,000 Shipment Credit Line for New Customers.

This program is for North & South America, should other countries customers be interested V can try for other countries too subject to pre-qualification. Please ask us if V may help U.

A Company working in China for the last 30 years is ready, willing & able to deliver any Chinese Product as from US$25,000 & up to your Ware House & than get paid.

Here how it works:

1: Make application to work with U.

2. Our contacts shall seek your Company's Credit Report, in case of a new Company, the owners Credit report shall be taken and be tasted.

3. On approval customers mail them their Samples, Quantity required, the delivery time with the Target Price.

4. V shall match with customers target price & make a Counter Sample.

5. Upon Approval of our counter Sample/s by the customer's we shall order Production.

6. When goods ready, that shall be shipped it to your Ware House, U check the Produce and when found as per your approved Sample, make payment.

Fair Deal !!!!

Please join ASAP.
Sattar Hakim
+1 213 915 2162
iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


International Trade and Professional Services.

Buy (Finance Available) Sell Stores / Gas Stations Plus.
Import any item from China, Credit line $25K & up.
Buy & Sell Jade Stones, Indian Boutiques, custom made.
Set up Company: Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada,
Or Choose your country. All Permits be obtain.
BUY CANADIAN LANDS in Installments.
Interest Free, No Credit Check, All Permits
For NEW FARMERS be obtain!!
Fine Arts, Graphic Designs, Printing,
Marketing, Islamic Calligraphy.
Professional Personal Consultancy on Fitness
UNDOCUMENTED: Adjust in New York City.
Job & Business opportunities (with finance).


International Sales & Marketing
International Financing
International Logistics
Licenses & Regulations
Trade Data & Analysis
Trade Problems

Export Information

Success Stories
Export Finance
Trade Data
NAFTA Certificate
HS Codes, Tariff & Taxes
Export Controls & Licenses
IPR, Trade Complaints & Advocacy

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